Momoa Shares his First Experience Wearing the Classic Aquaman Costume

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Last July 6,500 San Diego Comic-Con attendees caught their first glimpse of Jason Momoa in the classic Aquaman costume on the big screen via the sizzle reel James Wan brought along. The thunderous applause instantly confirmed it was a successful adaptation. I was even taken aback from how great it looked onscreen and this is a movie I have be anticipating for a long while.

Months later that same sizzle reel was released, and the internet blew up with people praising it.

But before everybody else, Momoa and Wan were obviously the first ones to see it. Momoa recently shared the experience.

Momoa said:

The best part about wearing the suit… my first experience wearing the suit, it was really beautiful. I’ve actually never told James Wan this. I put it on, I didn’t have a mirror, and I come out of wardrobe and get to see his face. He’s always extremely passionate and lets you know right away. But the absolute joy… he looked like a kid… he beamed, ‘I did it.’ He was super proud, and he didn’t have to say anything, I could see it on his face.

Not bad for a character that has not only been ridiculed for his abilities but constantly made fun of for his costume.

December 21st will be the true test for Aquaman, but based on early reviews, it’s a safe bet that the Aquaman jokes are over.

Cameron Tevis

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