Zack Snyder has struck again and this time, he went all out.

It’s no secret that Zack Snyder did not get a chance to fully show us his master plan for the DCEU but that hasn’t stopped him from revealing his vision for his “Justice League” saga which would have been a five part movie series.

Snyder began his journey with Man of Steel and had every intention of his films ending with a complete story and was setting up a Justice League film but he was determined to make it his way.  This sets up the idea that Snyder had no intention of making an MCU style universe but a more self contained one, a theory which was confirmed by Snyder himself.

To show his five part plan for the DCEU, Zack Snyder did what Zack Snyder always does; Zack Snyder created a cryptic “tree of life” of sorts.

On the top is Superman, as he is the greatest hero of all time and the glue of not only the Justice League but of the entire DC Universe.  Superman represents hope.  To his left and right are two Meta-Humans, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, both are a part of two worlds that they don’t fully fit into.  Below Aquaman and Wonder Woman we have Flash and Cyborg, Meta-Humans whom both gained their powers by accidents making them outsiders in both the real world and among the other Justice League members.  And in the foundation lies Batman; the man who has no actual powers but keeps the team grounded and focused.

The center of the image is a globe.  Does the globe look familiar? Well it should because it is the Daily Planet symbol which can only represent Lois Lane who is the center of the five part story.  As we all know there must be conflict and in that we see the Omega symbol just under Lois Lane which, as we know, is used by Darkseid.  Then there is the sword.  The sword is plunging down thru Lois Lane and Darkseid and to the casket which can only point to Superman’s inevitable death in order to fully bring the Justice League together.

Batman leads to the fetus symbol at the far bottom of the “tree”.  This leads to the idea that Batman is the reason for Superman’s resurrection as we saw in Justice League.  Only birth can conquer death which points directly to the fetus representing the child of Clark Kent and Lois Lane coming at the end of the saga, bridging two world and giving new life to Snyder’s DCEU.

This set up of a five part saga would have been epic if Zack Snyder had the chance to finish his vision without Warner Bros always intervening with too many edits and rushing to get to a Justice League movie.

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