Review: Titans #34

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors: Marcelo Maiolo

Letters: Dave Sharpe



The Titans find themselves pushed to the limit as the battle for Unearth continues! With Steel and Green Lantern Kyle Rayner captured by Mother Blood, Donna Troy is holding the line with a team that’s stretched almost to its breaking point! Can Donna rally the team for plan to escape the battlefield? Or will her first mission as official leader be her last?


Donna really has a challenge on her hands as leader of the Titans now! As the team invaded Unearth with the intention of stopping the Blood Cult and saving Raven’s soul, they were met with a massive army! Two of the teams heavy hitters–Steel and Green Lantern have been captured by Mother Blood. With the rest of the team still on the battlefield, Donna Troy has to figure out a way to rescue her two teammates, and put a stop to the massive army they’re currently engaged with. Miss Martian shows a real display of her power here in this issue as in a last-ditch effort she wipes out the entire army with her powers, but it drains her severely. As the remaining Titans follow Donna’s orders and begin to rally and regroup, another threat returns–Raven’s soul self–full of her powerful magic abilities and determined to destroy the Titans!


I have no complaints about this issue. The action is everywhere throughout the book and I don’t think the team as whole has been through anything like this. Even Donna mentions that she thinks that she might be over her head in this fight! Redondo’s art is a great compliment to the overall story as each page is so detailed and cohesive to the story. I was saddened to see how the creator of Unearth, an unknown book author, meets his untimely end at the hands of his own creation. Mr. Hinton was the creator of Unearth and all of its characters that became real thanks to the power of the Source Wall. Hinton was all set to free Kyle and Steel, until his betrayal. It seems that the creator is gone for good, but I certainly hope not.


Overall Titans #34 was a good read and I enjoyed every page. Although Donna Troy feels right now that her leadership may be flawed, I honestly can say I trust her judgment. Throughout the entire issue as the battle rages around her, the heroine still plays it cool–giving orders whenever needed. However with Steel and Kyle still captured in the castle, the Titans have a long journey ahead to set them free. I’m ready for Raven to become whole again and I’m sure once she does she’ll be after the one who separated her–Lord Travesty, ruler of Unearth! I can’t wait to read the next issue and see what happens next!


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