DC Comics Lucha Libre Action Figures Revealed

by Brad Filicky
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One of the colest and most fun reveal from DC Collectibles at Toy Fair 2019 is the DC Lucha Explosiva line of figures. Designed by artist Billy Fowler in a style that resembles comic RY, DC Lucha Explosiva reimagines DC characters as Mexican professional wrestlers in a 7-inch scale, with the comic company’s big three (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman) as “technicos,” or good guys, and one of their major foes each (Deathstroke, Metallo II, and Cheetah) as “rudos,” or BAD GUYS. All wear masks, as is tradition, though Metallo II breaks boundaries by being the first robot luchador. And appropriate accessories are included, like removable capes and metal folding chairs. Check out the pics below!

The toys should be released this August with a retail price of $35

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