Ezra Miller Says The Flash Will Unite The DC Multiverse On Film.

by Jeff Testanero
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Since the birth of the DECU there have been many movies that were pushed into development for many different heroes in the DC Universe but one major hero has been stuck in production limbo for the past few years.

Originally The Flash was one of the movies that was part of Warner Bros original slate of DC Films but since then The Flash has come to a virtual standstill.

Through this lingering production process a handful of directors and scripts have come and gone before landing in the lap of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (Spider-Man: Homecoming).  Daley and Goldstein are still attached to the project and recently the films star, Ezra Miller, has been very vocal about the future of the project.  Miller has gone on to explain that The Flash is still in delay because everyone involved wants to make the best movie possible for the fans.

“Anyone that knows anything about Barry Allen knows that he’s always late but then when he arrives, he gets stuff done.  And that’s definitely how this film’s production schedule is proceeding.  We are a little late, but the reason why we are late, and this is the honest to God’s truth the reason we are late, is because we are all, and I include myself in this, we are meticulously focused on making a movie that is just not one of the greatest superhero movies that we can possibly make, this movie is also going to be a gift to the fans.  This movie is going to be a real, pure offering to the fans of this material.  And we’ve hit a couple of points in the script’s development where we’ve looked at it and gone, ‘this isn’t it, this isn’t it yet.”

Ezra Miller went on to explain that The Flash, much like the Scarlett Speedster does in the comics, will be the bridge that unites the DC Multiverse on film.

“We are talking about sparking a whole new universe, which is not just the DC Multiverse, it’s also, it’s the Speedster Multiverse.  And the Speedsters are the ones who connect all of the disparate pieces.  Because Marvel is a universe, just one world and all the same characters in it.  DC is a multiverse.  All these different stories with different realities, characters, and versions of characters, and the Speedsters are the ones who move through it”

Comments like this have to make DC fans more than excited for the future of the DCEU and if all goes as planned, The Flash will “spark” the wide open multiverse that will carry the DCEU for the next decade to come.


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