Review: Young Justice #3

by Ari Bard
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Patrick Gleason & Viktor Bogdanovic

Inks: Jonathan Glapion (pgs. 12,14,15,18)

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez (pgs. 1-5), Chris Sotomayor (pgs. 6-16), & Hi-Fi

Letters: Carlos M. Mangual & Josh Reed



The long awaited return of Connor Kent is here, this time, with a little more scruff! Catch up on what he’s been up to as he joins the fight against Lord Opal!


Nothing sparks wonder like the surprise return of an old friend, and that’s exactly what Bendis, Gleason, and the rest of the creative team brought to Young Justice #3.  It happens under a warm purple and blue sunset in an unfamiliar land with Bart and Connor.  When seeing an old friend after a long time, things often fall into place.  The short and simple, well-lettered word balloons did an excellent job of reflecting that.  Both characters have changed, but their relationships is the same, and that feeling shines through Bart and Connor’s facial expressions and dialogue.

Soon, the duo is back in action bringing the references and witty banter along with them. The panels are brilliant because they know how cool of a moment this is. Subtle winks to the reader and intense eye-level shots give off a confident but lovable attitude.  But something did change, and Connor isn’t the brash teenager he was before.

For those who’ve never seen a rainbow shatter into millions of tiny diamonds, this comic provides the chance. As Connor is transported to Gemworld, he is surrounded by beauty, yet all alone in an exquisite full splash page that deserves to be framed.The rest of the issue is very visually stunning as well, and the 9-panel grids at the end show a great visual display of space.  The small panels showing only a few bars in the ground give off a very constricted feeling.


Connor’s flashback interrupts the Gemworld scene very suddenly and takes the reader out of the story.  Bogdanovic’s art is still great but feel very flat and static next to a vibrant Gemworld containing a character as kinetic as Impulse. The word balloons are also much denser containing a lot of exposition that bogs down the story a bit.  Its almost a separate mini-comic that doesn’t fit with the current story-line.  These flashbacks may have worked a lot better as backups to the main story as a “Where have they been?” recap.



Young Justice continues to be an exciting read full of surprises and wit, this time, with two stories in one.

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