Review: Supergirl 4×14 – “Stand and Deliver”

by Sean Blumenshine
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Andi Armaganian

Writers: Rob Wright & Jess Kardos

Starring: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Katie McGrath, Jesse Rath, Sam Witwer, Nicole Maines, April Parker Jones & David Harewood



Between Ben Lockwood’s new push to stir up the anti-alien movement and the Elite’s desire to target Lockwood and his minions, Supergirl is concerned about the safety of the American people – both human and alien. When Lockwood organizes a rally, the aliens decide to peacefully protest. Brainiac and J’onn join the alien march while Supergirl and Dreamer patrol to keep everyone safe. Meanwhile, James picks up his camera again to cover the march for CatCo, and Hayley assigns Alex a job that clashes with her beliefs. When The Elite and Ben Lockwood stir up trouble at the rally, Supergirl is forced to take a stand.



I like that Supergirl has to deal with being a citizen more than a superhero. She is caught in the middle of extremists but she still has to take a side and show support for a side of the argument. I like that idea.

Dreamer is very charming. I like that she is trying too hard to be intimidating and tough. A lot of the episode’s best comedy comes from her.

Brainy is great. He’s always funny but this episode gives him some more pathos. He organizes the alien march and is the first to recognize the significance of it. And I enjoyed how determined he was about convincing Kara and Nia to join.



In terms of plot and theme, this isn’t that different from last episode. I do think this is a stronger episode overall but because they’re back to back and so similar, it isn’t as effective as I think it could be. Kara and J’onn have the exact same conversation about Macnhester, J’onn loses control and is overly angry towards Manchester and Team Supergirl is forced to protect the racist government from the Elite. Nothing has moved forward and it makes the episode feel a little dry.



This is a solid episode. I like the conflict and the themes that writers are dealing with. It’s enjoyable. But the episode is also very repetitive. I don’t feel like the characters have learned anything or moved forward. The show is spinning its wheels. I’m excited to see what the next move is for the show but I’m getting a little impatient.


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