Arrow May Get Spinoff

by Brad Filicky
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Hard to believe that the next season of Arrow will be the last. But all is not lost. There may be another spin off show.TV Line was recently asked about the possibility of a spin-off for Arrow, and the site went and asked showrunner Beth Schwartz about the possibility.

Any rumblings about making Arrow‘s Kat McNamara, Ben Lewis and Joseph Jones series regulars for the final season? Or maybe a possible spin-off is in the works? —Stephanie

We did ask Schwartz if the all-flash forwards episode, “Star City 2040,” was envisioned as a backdoor pilot of sorts for a possible offshoot. “It was definitely meant to grow the world that we had already built and to see the next generation of what Oliver and Felicity and our present-day team have worked so hard for, and sort of see what happens in the future,” she answered. “We love those characters and would love to see them go on in some capacity after the show’s over,” possibly via crossovers with the remaining Arrowverse shows. “We were so happy, internally, about how it came out,” she added. “We kinda love our future story.”

With a possible Batwoman series, that would bring the number of Arrowverse shows to 3, which is a lot, but we think there is always room for more.

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