The DC Universe streaming service is finally available on a select game console.  It was announced that DC and Warner Bros have launched their DC Universe streaming service on Xbox One.  This adds Xbox One to such devices as Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, smart phones and tablets that offer the DC service.

DC Universe offers exclusive content and original series such as: Young Justice: OutsidersTitans, Doom Patrol and the upcoming Swamp Thing and Stargirl.  The service also offers every DC comic ever printed all in one digital menu and various DC movie titles from Warner Bros Pictures like Tim Burton’s Batman and Richard Donner’s Superman. A variety of animated films featuring such heroes as Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and more from Warner Bros Animation are also available.

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DC Universe digital service offers classic live action shows like Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter), Shazam! and Batman (Adam West and Burt Ward).

Senior Vice President and General Manager of the DC Universe, Sam Ades recently said of the digital service now being available to Xbox One users:

“Since we launched DC Universe last fall we’ve been on a mission to expand our research on new platforms.  Fans asked for access to the ultimate DC membership on their Xbox One consoles and we are excited to deliver DC Universe to them.  Our growling list of highly acclaimed original series, amazing library shows and thousands of comics are now accessible to DC fans and Xbox users alike.”

With the DC Universe now available on Xbox One only time will tell when this unique service will be offered on other devices such as PS4 and smart TV; hopefully for DC fans everywhere the wait for the service to be available on more devices won’t be a long one.

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