Two Milestones For Legendary Writer Denny O’Neil

by Kevin Sharp
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May 2019 marks two milestones for longtime DC Comics writer Denny O’Neil: his 80th birthday, and the official designation of “Denny O’Neil Day” in Phoenix, Arizona. During O’Neil’s decades-long tenure as both writer and editor, he’s shaped the adventures of numerous characters at DC, Marvel, and Charlton. He most recently contributed a story to Detective Comics #1000.

O’Neil’s most famous works are from the 1970s, when he — along with artists Neal Adams and Dick Giordano — handled iconic runs on both Batman and Green Lantern/Green Arrow. This era of the Dark Knight saw the character return to his “creature of the night” roots, along with the introduction of the iconic villain Ra’s Al Ghul.

Denny O'Neil dc comics news

The Green Lantern run was at the forefront of “socially conscious” comics, including the introduction of John Stewart and the landmark two-part story where Speedy is revealed as a heroin addict.

denny o'neil dc comics news

To top off the celebration, Phoenix mayor Kate Gallego declared May 25 as “Denny O’Neil Day.” O’Neil is scheduled to attend the celebration alongside the staff of Phoenix’s Fan Fusion convention, and Hero Initiative President Jim McLauchlin. Those of you in the area can head to room 120CD, North Building of the Phoenix Convention Center at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 24th.

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