Dark Horse Review: Stranger Things: Six #1

Review: Stranger Things: Six #1

Stranger Things Six

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Jody Houser

Artist: Keith Champagne and Edgar Salazar

Letters: Nate Piekos of Blambot

Colors: Aleksi Briclot


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“You’re not ordinary, are you Six?” – Dr. Brenner to Francine, also known as subject Six.
Francine, also known as subject Six, is struggling with the pressures and expectations of being a teenager in the late seventies—but unlike other kids, it’s her special precognitive abilities that are complicating her life. Her parents want her to predict lottery numbers.  A childhood friend, Rick, turns out to be “Three” – another part of the “Program”.  Dr. Brenner claims that living under his care is a better option, but visions of a dangerous future haunt her waking hour.
Did Six just punch a hole in a bookcase and a Demogorgon claw punch back?
Join into this prequel comic that delves into the secrets of Hawkins Laboratory and provides so much more to learn about prior to Will, Eleven, and the rest of the Stranger Things gang battling the Demogorgon.



Since the beginning of the phenomenon of Stranger Things and all things Eighties, the series has captivated a viewing population that craves the horror of their childhood.  And what better medium to use than comics.  Here we get to know Francine or “Six” and we get a glimpse of how children were recruited for the Program that began in Hawkins Lab.

What a rich back story already for Six in that her parents were trying to use her to win the lottery.  When your powers are raw, they are hit or miss.  However, once they hit, the parents crave more and more.

And who rushes in to save the day – Ricky….who we later find out is part of the Program and is number “Three”.  Is anything good about Six’s life?

Upon discovering that Three was part of the entire “everything is better in the Program for people like us” brain washing, we find that Six is questioning why her peers are so accepting of this fate?  And if everything is fine, what is that hole she just opened to the world of the Demogorgon?

Jody Houser provides a great back story to life in Hawkins Lab.  And he has lots of floors, participants, and “holes” to explore!



This is the first prequel event to Stranger Things.  With so much captivating material to explore, this is a solid start to another female participant in the Program.  We all love Eleven and her waffles and bloody nose.  Let’s enjoy the ride of Six for now and see where it takes us!



With the excitement of the series returning for a third installment on Netflix, and with prequels being the hottest way to “reimagine” stories, Six comes at a great time.  Again, lots of back story to explore here and a lot more to add to Dr. Brenner’s reputation of physically and mentally torturing his participants!



Carl Bryan

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