Oz Comic-Con 2019: We interview DC Icon Nicola Scott

by Damian Fasciani
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Our coverage of Oz Comic-Con didn’t stop after our interview with Tom Taylor. We knew our fans would want more so we caught up with DC Comic’s very own Nicola Scott. Nicola is based in Sydney, Australia and she’s well known for her phenomenal Wonder Woman art. She’s worked on other icons including Superman and Batman, and having received some great feedback after her debut appearance on DCN we brought Jasmine back to speak with the DC Icon.



Our coverage extended to the 80 Years of Batman panel. On stage we had Nicola Scott, Tom Taylor, Al Barrionuevo, Andrew Constant, and Wayne Nichols discussed movies, comics, and paid homage to the Dark Knight by expressing their thoughts on the iconic character. An in depth Q/A with the crowd focused on the live action personas of Batman. The general consensus from the panel was that they thought the casting of Robert Patterson was an encouraging one. Tom Taylor specifically talked about how the general negativity over social media wasn’t warranted until people see the actor don the cape and cowl.

oz comic-con batman 80 panel


All Pop Culture fans should head out to Oz Comic-Con this weekend, there is something for everyone! Let us know if you have been and what you thought of the event.



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