Review: Dial H for Hero #4

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Dial H for Hero #4

H for Hero


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Joe Quinones

Colors: Jordan Gibson and Tom Fowler

Letters: Dave Sharpe


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Yes!  Finally!  I am Mister Thunderbolt!  And you have my gratitude Miguel.  Whatever happens next, I won’t tell the operator that this is all your fault!” – Mister Thunderbolt returning to his body.

With the H-Dial finally secured, and on the run from those who want to control the powerful device that can give anyone the powers of a random superhero, Miguel and Summer head to the old Justice League Detroit headquarters with the hope of finding some help in contacting Superman.  It’s Dial H for Hero…what could go wrong?

In Detroit, they encounter robot versions of the JLA heroes, and Snapper Carr (Mascot for the JLA and failed reality TV host).  Snapper wants to call the JLA about the discovery of the H-Dial, but Miguel and Summer want to speak directly to Superman.

Meanwhile, Robby Reed is talking to himself and is on the verge of paranoia.  He trapped the body of Mister Thunderbolt in the HeroVerse, but his spirit is roaming the earth!

When Mr. Thunderbolt alters the JLA robots to attack, Miguel, Summer, and Snapper all Dial H for Hero, and “Holy Sin City”.  Homages to Frank Miller, Captain Underpants, and ….Ben and Jerry’s abound.

Hold please for the next caller….. this party line is about to light up!

H for Hero


Finally, Miguel and Summer arrive at a JLA destination.  We seem to be marching towards some conclusion of where the Dial H for Hero phone is in the possession of heroes that know either how to use it or guard it.  We get some clarification on Robby Reed (Sockamagee) who is a bit off his “A” game as his penchant for asking questions seems to have gotten him into a mess!

And the new heroes… Summer’s Chimp Change is straight out of a Frank Miller Sin City comic.  Her dialogue is in the Miller vein so much and the blood red and dark pencilling…so great!  Snapper’s Alien Ice Cream Man…. his trinity is not Batman, Superman and WonderWoman.  It’s Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate.  Snapper deserves this silliness.  And Miguel’s incarnation as Captain Underpants, and subsequently into Hagar the Horrible, Charlie Brown, Nancy, and Cathy…perfect Sunday morning newspaper comic fodder.

Dial S for Sockamagee….we are in trouble now!


Dial H



I took the bait on Joe Quinones.  I thought that Miguel would finally Dial H for Hero and become Superman.  Writer Sam Humphries had other plans.  This was a disappointment on my part, as the comic has been setting the reader up for a “4” to appear on heroes’ foreheads and possibly Miguel would inhabit one of the major heroes in the DC Universe.

I get the playground for new art work and homages, but I want Miguel to get a chance to fly with an S on his chest!

Robby Reed is a bit like a trapped Reed Richards trying to make sure Dr. Doom is not unleashed on the world.  But does one really know who is the prisoner and who isn’t? However, Mister Thunderbolt has his body now and Miguel is on his way to the Hero Verse.

Dial H


DC has extended this series to a twelve issue arc.  It’s a fun ride and I hope Miguel can tap into his own “Sockamagee” in the Hero Verse, and come out on the other side as a hero.  Dial H for Hero is fun…Sam Humphries is picking up where this series left off and it’s not too heavy and has just the amount of JLA to keep it relevant.  Who knows…maybe Miguel is the key to Leviathan.


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