Doomsday Clock and Legion of Super-Heroes Are Connected

by Jeff Testanero
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Doomsday Clock and Legion of Super-Heroes are connected.

Brian Michael Bendis recently revealed that he and some of DC’s biggest artists would be relaunching the Legion of Super-Heroes line for DC Comics.  The team hasn’t been seen inside the DC Multiverse for a very long time, however, Bendis’ relaunch isn’t the first time we’ve seen the team recently.

Legion of Super-Heroes has recently made an appearance in Doomsday Clock (Geoff Johns and Gary Franks) leading readers to wonder just how connected the Legion of Super-Heroes title will be to the Watchmen/DC Universe crossover event.

Recently, Bendis spoke to the From the Word Balloon podcast on the possibility of Legion of Super-Heroes being connected to Doomsday Clock:

“I can speak for other creators as well–I deeply apologize for being so vague and coy about Doomsday Clock.  We’re not being vague ad coy about it behind the scenes.  It will all line up at the end, alright?  Just to make it very clear, my respect for Geoff (Johns) and Gary (Frank) goes back decades, and this is a story they started telling before I walked in the door (at DC).  So this is not–there’s not an ounce of my body that would do anything to counter or disrespect the path that they’re on.  As a shared universe writer, my job is, wherever this lands, we will follow.  But because we’re coy about it…and then this is the thing where Twitter is not a good way to answer these questions because, you know, you need to hear all these words.  And all the words are, it will all matter when it all comes together.  But anything else I say sounds like a big spoiler to me, so I’m not gonna say anything else.”

Brian Michael Bendis; writer of the upcoming series Legion of Superheroes

Brian Michael Bendis

Guess we will just have to wait and see how the story plays out and the two titles intersect.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1 from Brian Michael Bendis hits stores on September 18th and Doomsday Clock #11 arrives on August 14th

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