SDCC2019: We interview the Batman Beyond Crew

At SDCC2019 we caught up with the cast and crew of Batman Beyond celebrating 20 years of the iconic series. Time has certainly flow by since we first experienced the evolution of a post Dark Knight era, the show introduced a retired Bruce Wayne who mentored Terry McGinnis as Gotham’s new protector.

Batman Beyond first drew a mixed response from DC fans partly because it picked up post the successful show of Batman the animated series. However fans all over the world fell in love with this show, it’s unique style and story would go on to become an iconic series that is now available on Blue-Ray in a special edition box set!

You can pre-order the limited edition Blue-Ray Box Set (remastered) here

We interviewed:

  • Kevin Conroy(Batman: The Animated Series) – Batman
  • Will Friedle(Boy Meets World, Kim Possible) – Terry McGinnis
  • Producer Glen Murakami
  • Casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano
  • Director James Tucker
  • Writer Bob Goodman
  • Writer Stan Berkowitz



If you were a Batman Beyond fan please comment below and let us know what you thought of the show.

Damian Fasciani

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