Black Lightning: Crossover Wouldn’t Surprise Cress Williams

by Joseph Marcas
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Black Lightning star Cress Williams said at SDCC that he can imagine an Arrowverse crossover in BL’s future. Show runner Salim Akil continues to hold that any crossover will have to be on their terms.

Cress Crossover Conjecture

During the Black Lightning panel at this past San Diego Comic Con, Williams was asked about the future of BL. A fan stood during the panel and asked if BL would appear alongside the other characters on the CW.

Williams had this to say:

“I’ve heard lots of talk, nothing like official. But at this point, I can say I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Furthermore, Williams stated that there are conversations taking place (described as ‘rumblings’) but nothing official seems to be in place.

Black Lightning is on the CW alongside other DC superhero shows that include Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends Of Tomorrow and soon the upcoming Batwoman show. Despite being next to these shows, BL is not in the shared universe of these shows…yet.

No…You Come Over Here

According to executive producer Salim Akil, Black Lightning is separate from the rest of the Arrowverse. Long ago, after the end of Season 1, he had this to say about crossovers:

“We are in our own world. We’re not in the Arrowverse. We’re not in the Supergirl universe. We’re in the Black Lightning universe. If there’s ever a crossover, Supergirl will come to Freeland, or Green Arrow will come to Freeland.”

During the same panel, actresses Nafessa Williams ( who plays Anissa/Thunder) and China Anne McClain ( who plays Jennifer/Lightning), talked about their future on BL. They had this to say:

“Jennifer and Anissa, they’re really partners in crime…You’re going to see them together a lot more in general. I’m sure they’re going to fighting a lot more…Even in the first couple episodes, it’s like we’re inseparable.” Nafessa Williams added, “We’re leaning on each other, and we’re kind of all we have right now.”

Given the history of the other shows on the CW, it safe to assume that it is an only a matter of time before this crossover takes place. Which superhero show would you like to see cross over with Black Lightning? Would you like to see BL join all of them?

Black Lightning returns for its third season on October 21

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