Hush Origin And Elegy To Be Featured In Batwoman

by Joseph Marcas
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Hush and Elegy have been announced as stories from the comics that will be featured in the first season of Batwoman. The show-runners also teased the possibility of seeing a television version of Batman on the show as well.

San Diego Comic Con was the place to be if you were looking for more information on Batwoman. Despite the absence of the show’s star, Ruby Rose, the executive producers stated that the show will have story beats based on Hush and Elegy.

Elegy Of The Void

Back in 2009, the creative team of Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams, Todd Klein, and Dave Stewart began work on the Detective Comics title shortly after (Spoilers) Batman dies during the events of Final Crisis. That story line focuses on the villain Alice, a character that has already been announced and cast for Batwoman.

That story line went on to collected in a trade under the name Elegy. That story lines’ villain, Alice, a psychotic killer with a penchant for Lewis Caroll stories, will be played by actress Rachel Skarsten. The character will also hold a close connection to Kane that we won’t spoil here.

Hush…Keep It Down Now…Voices Carry

If you’re not familiar with the story line behind Hush (Spoilers), it revolves around Thomas Elliott, a family friend of the Wayne family with sinister motives who eventually becomes the titular character. It was announced at the Batwoman panel that the origin of Hush would be explored in the first season in an effort to bring in Bat-villains to the show.

Another thing to note about the show is that it will be set in a Gotham City in which Batman has disappeared and nobody knows where he is. With the arrival of Katherine Kane/Batwoman to the city, many of Batman’s villains confuse her with the Dark Knight and thus escalate their schemes to hunt him down. The show’s producer, Caroline Dries, elaborated further:

“The city is clamoring for Batman to come back, and some people think Batman is back — and when Batman is back that means his enemies are back to try and kill him. Then, what we’re doing with our Bat villains, we’re trying to find a different angle into these villains so it’s not a character you’ve seen a million times, or at least not an approach you’ve seen a million times.”

The Dark Knight Returns…Again?

Of course, if Batwoman has to take on Batman’s rogues gallery of villains, could we expect to see the Caped Crusader as well? The show’s other producer, Sarah Schechter, said “anything is possible” when it comes to Batman appearing on the show. The producers went on to say DC is very protective of their properties, especially the big three (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) but since Superman appeared on Supergirl, it’s not that far-fetched to see Batman on Batwoman.

With that said, seeing comic stories like Hush and Elegy on Batwoman sounds like a recipe for success.

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