Ezra Miller Committed To Solo Flash Movie

by Jay
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Actor Ezra Miller has gone on record regarding his status as the ‘Fastest Man Alive’ on the big screen.

Since his first appearance in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and expanded role in the much-maligned Justice League, Ezra’s future as Barry Allen has been cloudy. When compared to the performance of Grant Gustin’s portrayal on the successful CW series, Miller fell short with fans. These facts alone left many to question whether Warner Bros. would recast now that the DCEU is being reorganized. As it stands, only AquamanShazam!, and the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 remain part of that cinematic continuity.

So what does Ezra have to say?

He says that all of his upcoming projects are “absolutely confirmed.” And in that response, The Flash solo film was mentioned.

In all fairness, Ezra’s Barry Allen would have clicked better with fans in Justice League had there been a solo film prior to that project. From a fan’s perspective, executives assumed League members with no prior solo projects would instantly click with the fans. They tried to make lightning strike twice based upon Gal Gadot’s successful debut as Diana Prince in BvS. Unfortunately, those projections failed. There are some characters that require more of a backstory leading in to an ensemble film regardless of their popularity. Jason Mamoa’s badass look as Arthur Curry, and prior resume on Game of Thrones, had given him enough star power to garner James Wan’s Aquaman’s success.

Speaking of directors, who will direct The Flash?

That is another roulette wheel besides casting and script revisions. The current candidate is Andy Maschietti, who just completed Netflix’s It: Chapter Two. However, there are reports that Andy will be taking some time off. Apparently, we will all have to wait till early 2020 for a further update.

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