‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti to Helm ‘The Flash’

by Jeff Testanero
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‘It’ Director Andy Muschietti to Helm ‘The Flash’

The Flash has a new director, again, and this time it will be Andy Muschietti.  Muschietti is fresh off directing both It and It: Chapter Two, the amazing adaptations of the horror classic written by Stephen King.


‘It’ directed by Andy Muschietti

The Flash has been in limbo for years now as it bounced from director to director but now Fandango has confirmed that The Flash will be And Muschietti’s next film project.

Their source?  Andy Muschietti himself.

Muschietti was asked about him bringing some of his horror movie roots to The Flash and while some fans would love this idea, Muschietti himself has other plans running through his head for the project:

“An element of horror? I don’t think so.  What captivated me about The Flash is the human drama in it. The human feelings and emotions that play in the drama of it.  It’s going to be fun, too.  I can’t promise that there will be any horror (elements in it), really, but it’s a beautiful human story.”

It’s no secret that The Flash has experienced some major issues since Warner Bros announced the project in 2015.  A number of directors and writers have come and gone over the years; it was even reported that comic writer Grant Morrison would join star Ezra Miller in writing the project but again production on the film fell flat.

The Flash

Muschietti will be the fourth director to sign on to make The Flash happen and it is rumored that Muschietti loves the “darker” ideas that Ezra Miller had for the characters so much that he (Muschietti) will honor a lot of those ideas while creating the project for DC.

The Flash won’t be able to begin production until later in 2020 due to Ezra Miller being contracted to shoot Fantastic Beasts 3 in Spring of 2020.

With the worldwide phenomenon that is the It movie franchise, it will be interesting to see what a director of Muschietti’s caliber can bring to the Speed Force of The Flash.

Stay glued to DC Comics News for more as it develops.

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