Dark Horse Review: Triage #1

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Triage #1



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Phillip Sevy

Artists: Phillip Sevy

Colors: Phillip Sevy

Letters: Frank Cvetkovic


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Welcome to the Outside!  I am your Guide.  I wish we had time for all the formalities but we do not!” -The Mysterious Woman who greets Evie, Marco and Orbit.

A dedicated nurse named Evie Pierce awakens to an unfamiliar world alongside two other women–one, a young and snarky superhero; the other, a hardened rebel military commander of a post-apocalyptic world. When a mysterious figure begins to hunt them down, the women must work together to survive and discover why they were assembled.




The ground floor of any comic can make or break it.  Phillip Sevy seems to have found an interesting premise in bringing together three women in an unusual array of circumstances across possible worlds and galaxies to a realm called the Outside.

Evie’s the most normal of the trio in that she is a nurse (Triage….get it?) and her life seems to be all too normal.  Bedpans, urine, and doctors who fail to follow through correctly on their patients lead to her many frustrations.

Orbit is a super hero who wears a bunny hoodie, is a germ-a-phobe, and is a bit of a rogue among her team.  Pair that with a bit of attitude and a high caloric demand, you have a combination of the Tick and the Flash!

Marco is more akin to a Linda Hamilton in Terminator leader who is in an apocalyptic world.  Mad Max with a hint of Tatooine.

Then all purgatory breaks loose and the three ladies are transported to the Outside per the Guide.  As Marco and Orbit unmask themselves, it turns out they have more in common with Evie – holy triplets.  Whether they are drawn that way or not, Phillip Sevy sure baits the hook on this one.  Three timelines…. triplets…. three other worlds…. let’s see what he has in store!

And to make matters even more interesting, there is instantly a villain that wants them killed, their Guide dies with instructions as she takes her last breath, and they are transported to Evie’s bedroom.  I get the felling that more timelines and more worlds are the in the future for these three!



I can’t pick this one apart!  This inaugural issue has all the right bait to make me want to buy into Triage!



If you are into buying #1 issues to see if it is worth your time, then you will be happy with Triage #1.  The premise is interesting, there are a few surprises and it doesn’t follow a comic formula.  You would do well to pick this issue up and then anticipate getting #2 and #3.  Phillip Sevy seems to be onto something!  And we are the benefactors!


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