Review: Dial H for Hero #6

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Dial H for Hero #6


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Joe Quinones

Colors: Jordan Gibson and Tom Fowler

Letters: Dave Sharpe


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Dear Superman.  I keep my promises!”  Miguel to Superman’s Statue.

Just as Miguel and Summer learn the stunning truth of his identity, Mr. Thunderbolt launches his most devastating attack yet—by using the H-Dial on everyone in Metropolis! As chaos ensues throughout the city, Miguel and Summer seek out a certain Big Blue Boy Scout for help”¦but is it too late? Has Mr. Thunderbolt already won?

And just when you thought it was safe to not answer the RED phone…..A BLUE one is ringing?


H for Hero


Writer Sam Humphries throws out the creative gauntlet as all of Metropolis is his playground as every cell phone has turned thousands of inhabitants into Dial H Heroes.  That means more titles and more ridiculous back stories that could be explored.

However, he is very wise to pull back the reins a bit and simply let the reader try to connect the dots of what comic writers and artists he is paying homage to.  Far be it from me to connect the dots for you, but Summer’s Lo Lo Kick You may be related to The Main Man Lobo (or not?).

Joe Quinones had his work cut out for him in this issue as a myriad of comic styles are used (Did I see a Simpsons’ hero?).  There is so many “tongue in cheek” moments for a reader that they will recognize a heroes that are clear “tributes” or “insults” to comic company standards.  Readers will have a great time in this issue simply going through and naming all of them!

H for Hero

“Retro” Positives

Finally…. a new phone is introduced and we get the culmination of what we have been rooting for in Miguel’s quest.  Look!  Up in the Sky!  Saving Metropolis is a pretty dashing cut of a figure in….. well, we will let you buy the issue and see!

The art work is spot on by Quinones and the origin story is spot on!  If only the Blue Phone wouldn’t just last as long as the Red Phone.

What’s this?  A Red Phone possessed by Mr. Thunderbolt.  A Blue phone is operated by Robby Reed/The Operator.  And there is a Yellow Phone and a Purple Phone in existence as well?  The Multiverse takeover is permeating this title as well!

H for Hero


As with anything these days, the theme seems to be “infinity stones” driven.  Whether it is in characters, dark elements and now….phones.  Writer Sam Humphries needs to be careful as he has a great character arc going now, and the intro of a few more phones can make or break this edition of Dial H!

H for Hero


Miguel story arc is perfect!  And as a fan, it’s what you want for him.  Sockamagee!  This may be the new Shazam!  Readers will love playing match up with the “new” characters in the mix!  Frank Miller….”Frank don’t shiv!”…  There’s your second clue, but you have a lot more ahead!  Dial H this month!  You won’t get a wrong number!


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