Review: Books of Magic #12

by Tony Farina
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Review: BOOKS OF MAGIC #12

BOM 12


[Editor’s Note: This Review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Kat Howard

Artist: Tom Fowler, Craig Taillefer and Brian Churilla

Colors: Marissa Louise

Letters: Todd Klein


Reviewer: Tony Farina


Books of Magic #12 starts off with Tim coming home to find out that his Mum has been lying to him. Duh. We all knew, but it is finally time for Tim to find out. That goes poorly.

Meanwhile, at school, Ellie, still suffering from her PTSD, goes to talk to Dr. Rose about her concerns with Mr. Davies, AKA, the evil guy who locked her in the book prison that caused her PTSD. That goes fine. JUST KIDDING. Dr. Rose and he do battle. It is pretty amazing. So, Tyler, that A-hole who is men to everyone all the time, finds Tim to save the day. That doesn’t go as we think it will. The police get called. It is a hot mess.



About one third of the way though Books of Magic #12, the art team does something so spectacular in one small panel. Tim and his Mum are having a row about the magic she used on Tim’s Dad. As she gets angry her face does all kinds of crazy things. The word FACE is in bold in the word bubble. Of course, it was never really Tim’s Mum, but he wanted it to be and in that moment, he finally caught up with the rest of us. It is just so perfect and indicative of the high quality work that has been going down with this series.

Kat Howard is, of course, the queen of it all. She has it plotted out. She knows what she wants to do with each page and she paces the story so beautifully. She has built up quite the universe for us. I suspect that people who are not even Sandman aficionados are reading Books of Magic.



I am not totally sure I like the thing the police have to say when they arrive. Is that going to lead to an issue with one too many baddies? I am not calling this a flat out negative, but I am voicing my concern. In Kat I trust for now.



Books of Magic #12 is the prefect ending to the second arc. It is hard to believe that is has been a year since this book launched under the steady hand of Kat Howard and Tom Fowler. The covers are lovely. The characters have become important to me. I worry about them. There are high stakes. No one feels safe and that keeps me turning the pages as I am desperate to find out what happens next.


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