First Look: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: BLACKEST NIGHT #1

The Dark Multiverse has never appeared this bleak! As one of the most sinister events in recent DC Comics continuity is revisited through the mirror-cracked of an alternate lens and the Blackest Night gets darker!

The DC Comics Universe has never been more complex than in recent times. Following several crisis-level events that have to lead to numerous reboots and rebirth, the consequential return of two of its greatest heroes — Hal Jordan, The Green Lantern and Barry Allen, The Flash — ultimately led to one of its most terrifying epics! In 2009s Blackest Night, the Green Lantern is faced with looking at his greatest fear dead in the eye as the Black Lanterns are revealed to control a spectrum of the power balance that returns many dead heroes and villains as dark incarnations of themselves.

At the end of Blackest Night came Brightest Day as the resurrected souls worked to find their place in a world that mourned their passing, and life continued. With the multiverse currently in the throws of turmoil mostly at the fault of the Justice League that has unleashed ancient sources of energy that are threatening to consume all of existence itself, it’s been revealed that there is a deliberate “flip-side” to the multiverse — and the Tales from the Dark Multiverse series is exploring many of those epic arcs from the perspective of a mirror-darkly.

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night #1 reveals how the events unfolded in an alternate reality where Sinestro emerges as the catalyst to saving his universe from the all-consuming threat of the Black Lanterns. Wielding the power of both the White and Black Lantern rings, Sinestro is now a “Limbo Lantern” neither alive or dead, but going up against a universe where the Black Lantern infection has extended to and consumed even the all-powerful New Gods. Does Sinestro have it in him to go up against a darker Darkseid that has even less to lose?

Here’s a “First Look” at Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Black Night #1 featuring art by Kyle Hotz:

Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night #1 is written by Tim Seeley with art by Kyle Hotz and Dexter Vines, Danny Miki and Walden Wong. The issue hits stand on November 13.

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