Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Day 1

by Thomas ODonnell
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Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Day 1

Written By: Thomas O’Donnell

Friday, Day 1 of the 2019 Baltimore Comic Con

This year marked the 20th anniversary for the convention and to celebrate they unveiled their new mascot……meet Buster!


BCC 2019After much consideration, the winning submission, by Maurice Hopkins (as the first to submit this entry, as he was not alone in coming up with this suggestion), is Buster!
“Buster Crabbe was an actor who starred in numerous comic-related features in the 1930s and 1940s,” continued Nathan. “He played Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers, all of whom were hit syndicated comic strips at the time. He was Billy the Kid, numerous ‘jungle men’ characters, and even returned as a guest on the 1970s Buck Rogers TV series. And not to mention two comic book series named after him — Buster Crabbe Comics from Eastern Color in the 1950s and The Amazing Adventures of Buster Crabbe from Lev Gleason in 1954. With all of these ties to comics, the character name was too good to pass up. Congratulations, Maurice!”

Created and drawn by artist extraordinaire, guest, and friend of the show Frank Cho

Though I only live 20 minutes from the convention center, I decided to book a hotel for the weekend, so as to avoid any problems as Baltimore City had their annual marathon on Saturday morning. Thanks to the Baltimore Comic Con Facebook page for the heads up, I took advantage of the Lord Baltimore Hotels special rate for con attendees.

After checking in to my hotel, I made my way to the convention center!

The layout was slightly different this year, but as always plenty of diverse products with a huge emphasis on comics!

I paid a visit to few of my favorite vendors, I purchased some “DC Metal” mini-figs before heading upstairs to take in a panel.

BCC 2019

I checked out the “Baltimore’s Sleazy Panel” featuring John McCrea and Russ Braun!

You can enjoy the “Myth, Legends, Folklore & Comics” panel below featuring Stan Sakai, Walt Simonson, Paul Storrie, and Kasey Pierce.

And now ladies and gentlemen I present “Hey Kids! Chaykin!”, Featuring Howard Chaykin and moderated by John Trumbull.


I headed back to the con floor to shop around and then settled in for awhile with comics icon Jim Steranko!

BCC 2019BCC 2019BCC 2019

And that’s it for day 1!

I headed back to my hotel to freshen up and had dinner at the Lord Baltimore Hotel Sky Bar!

Food and service were excellent!

BCC 2019

Check back for day 2, More panels, more merch and cosplay!

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