Boom! Studios Review: Hellmouth #2

by Tony Farina
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Hellmouth 2[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Creator: Joss Whedon

Writers: Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert

Artist: Eleorona Carlini

Colorist: Chris Peter

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Reviewer: Tony Farina


Hellmouth #2 finds Ulfreth, a non-binary demon who lives in the Hellmouth, but who feeds on negative emotions narrating our story. With the evil unleashed on Sunnydale and with Buffy and Angel deep in the literal bowels of hell, things on the surface are tense and Ulfreth is getting full.

Buffy and Angel, punch some some demons and he alludes to the fact that he may be slightly older than her. They fight their fears and discover that Ulfreth is no joke and they can really do some damage. Jokes are uttered. Blood is spilled. MC Esher is invoked.

Hellmouth 2


Hellmouth #2 is packed with lots of joys. First and foremost is the fact that in the rebooted world, Buffy is living NOW and thus, things that are happening in our world, are happening in hers. That means, when there is a non-binary demon who can feed on fear and hatred, we have to take a look at the real world where fear and hatred are running rampant. Please, see the beautiful and horrifying image done by the excellent Elenorona Carini.

Hellmouth 2

Damn. I know right? Wow. Joss has really become more and more political in his later years and so this is no surprise.

It is nice to see Buffy and Angel again. They have been missing from their own books, so Hellmouth #2 shines a light on them. Well, they are in hell, so no real light, but let’s just say we spend time with them. They learn about each other and we learn about the rebooted versions of them. It is well done. Bellaire and Lambert do a great job keeping the banter up which is essential in the Whedonverse.



While this is a reboot, many of the things are old. That is not a negative, but we ALL KNOW Angel is a vampire and so the tension and mystery is missing like it was back in the old days. The banter is good, but we are not really surprised, so let’s get a move on.


The Hellmouth crossover event is unfolding beautifully. Who is in charge? Why is there a full city in the Hellmouth? How does Ulfreth know everyone’s fears? What they hell are they? I suspect the best and only way to find out is to tune in next week for Angel #7.  I know I will.

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