DCN Visits NYCC: Experiences A Thriller Night With M. Night

by Sharna Jahangir
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This article is a bit of a special considerations as DC Comics often attracts worlds of talents. New York Comic Con 2019 filled us with another of DC galore! With series such as The Watchmen and Batwoman taking off and Titans revving up with another season, it’s not a shock that dark, dreary series are a commonplace for comic fans.

The director of Unbreakable and Glass presents us with a “Night with M. Night”. Pulling on an earlier conversation M. Night Shymalan had this year with Entertainment Weekly regarding comic book narratives, he was asked if he would direct a DC or Marvel film. He expressed:

I mean, you never know, you never know,” Shyamalan tells EW. “There’s been light conversations in the past about these things. But it would have to be in a way that would allow for very weird, big weirdness to be okay.”

AppleTV+ has been coming out with amazing casting and teams. Recently, See starring Jason Momoa and Alfred Woodard is a spectacle. The streaming service gives exceptional quality in its productions, from casting and directing, to captivating cinematography. On November 28th, AppleTV+ will release Servant.

Why was I so eager to interview The Servant for DCN? Because DC fans are thrill-seekers. There’s depth in our stories and our films and DC Comics is famous for throwing out twist endings. M. Night Shymalan is a rare gem and it is one of the one-of-a-kind opportunities to have early insight into his upcoming productions. Also, to add to the idea that M. Night would do a fantastic job within the DCEU, as films like Joker and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice kept very dark undertones.

Joker has been cleaning up the box offices for the past few weeks; a film that’s made over a billion dollars. A film that encompasses trauma, mental health and abuse. It delivered these messages to us with suspense and challenged our emotional intellect. Thrillers make us question society’s impact in the most extreme way. When there is no financial support, the outcome is The Purge, if society is living on fear of religion, the outcome is possession as a demon finds the community weak. If people do not face their guilt and demons, then they manifest into ghosts. Thrillers connect to people on a phenomenal level.

Servant follows a couple that goes through the traumatic experience of losing a child and the emotional turmoil that follows. British writer, Toby Basgallop, speaks on how the experience of raising a children changes how you view the world. It’s much more frightful, as you have another part of you experiencing the same world as well.

One of the most iconic actors stepped into New York Comic Con this year, Rupert Grint, famously known for his role in Harry Potter as Ron Weasley. Him, alongside co-stars Toby Kebbell (Planet of the Apes), Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) and Nell Tiger Free (Game of Thrones, daughter of Cersei) go deep into the content of The Servant. It will bring up real issues.

Comics are political and they’ve been used at times to serve disenfranchised voices as it shares messages to a wide audience. Right now, mental health is a big movement. With Heroes in Crisis and Batman’s rogue gallery, heroes have expressed their burden. At times they look overwhelmed, lost, even broken. But still exceptionally loved. M. Night, as well, finds importance in expressing the pain of everyday people. He then tells the audience to put yourself into your art and production, as much as you can.

“You can be you, as specifically as you can. Everything about you, your arrogance, your insecurities, your confidence, everything about you, just be honest when you’re doing your song, your essay, or your show. You have a power that shoots up into the sky, we can hear it when one of us is being authentic and okay with themselves, saying I’m scared. That shoots into the sky, and becomes super powerful.”

With my greatest pleasure, please take an insight to how the cast members express their excitement of the show.

A special thanks to Brittany Panko for going above and beyond in helping, and the amazing and supportive staff at New York Comic Con for a warm and welcoming event.

And a massive thank you to M. Night Shyamalan and cast for presenting at NYCC, in the famous Hammerstein Ballroom.

Servant releases November 28th, 2019 on AppleTV+, so check out the trailer below:


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