James Tynion IV Comes To Batman #85 – AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!!!

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James Tynion IV continues his association with the Dark Knight as Batman gets another chapter, and according to DC Comics, it will begin earlier than expected.

As a back-up bonus story, that is.

DC’s statement reads “As a bonus, [the 85th issue of Batman] also features a prelude to ‘Their Dark Designs,’ the new epic [that gets underway] in Batman #86 and touches on the revelation of Superman’s secret identity! [This] two-page sneak peak, guest starring The Joker, features art by Guillem March, and sets the stage for what’s to come in 2020!”

Who is James Tynion IV?

James Tynion IV

Born in Milwaukie, Wisconsin, James’s ability to write Batman, and comics in general, is well-founded. Joining DC Comics in 2012, around the time of The New 52, James has written for Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, Batman: Eternal, and Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Other titles include Nightwing, Justice League Dark, Constantine, Wonder Woman, TalonBatman: The Grim Knight, and Red Hood and The Outlaws. His first original series was called The Eighth Seal under DC alum Mark Waid’s digital publisher, Hellbent. He also launched UFOlogy, his creator-owned series published by Boom! Studios.

Lastly, he recently completed the three-volume crossover saga Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with artist Freddie Williams III. The latter was the first meeting between the Bat-Family and the IDW-published incarnation of the heroes in a half-shell. The saga spanned The New 52 and DC: Rebirth eras of the Dark Knight. The initial story arc even became the basis for last years’ DTV animated film Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Although the comic followed an interdimensional commute, the film maintained both properties shared the same universe. Aside from that, it retained the spirit that Tynion instilled in the plot.

His run on Batman follows the conclusion to the earth-shattering “City of Bane” arc penned by the exiting Tom King. After an extensive run on the main titles, King will continue to write the Caped Crusader for the upcoming Batman/Catwoman series.

The follow-up, however, will not disrupt the scheduled 48-page format for Batman #85.

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