It Continues… DCeased: UNKILLABLES

The sequel to the 2019 blockbuster DC Limited Series returns to answer the question: What happened to everyone that was left behind after our heroes failed to save us from the undead?

It was inevitable, but if you thought that when the recent smash hit limited series DCeased came to its dramatic conclusion the adventure had ended, we can now report — the story is far from over. The sequel is already in motion! DCeased: Unkillables is the 3-issue mini-series follow-up with Tom Tyler in the driver’s seat of this genre-bending horror tale, that had the DC heroes battling an anti-life virus that was accidentally unleashed upon the population turning everyone that came in contact with it into an undead monster version of themselves.

Only a handful of heroes escaped unscathed, but whatever happened to everyone that they left behind? Clearly whoever has been abandoned is in for the fight of their lives…literally. Tyler reveals that the 3-issue series will feature on anti-heroes Red Hood and Deathstroke, to of DC’s most ardent survivalist, who will take the battle to the streets in a redemption tale where the only rule of combat is: Beat or Be Eaten!

Here’s a “First Look” at some of the cover art for DCeased: Unkillables:

DCeased: Unkillables 3-issue mini-series is written by Tom Tyler with art by Karl Mostert and Trevor Scott, with cover art by Howard Porter. The 3-issue miniseries will launch February and run through April 2020 and retail for $4.99.

JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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