Image Comics Reviews: Postal Deliverance #5

by Tony Farina
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Postal 5 Cover[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Creator: Matt Hawkins

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill

Artist: Raffaele Ienco

Letters: Troy Peteri

Reviewer: Tony Farina



Postal Deliverance #5 starts with a flashback of a pregnant Laura arguing with Mark’s father. He doesn’t seem like a good guy. Then it picks up right were the last issue ended. Laura has returned to Eden much to the chagrin of her son and current Mayor of Eden Mark. She has brought Pascal with her. She wants her job and life back. She is not too thrilled to learn that Mark has decided to have elections. Elections in Eden is absurd to Laura, and honestly to everyone. Laura is fighting with her partner about coming to Eden and Mark is fighting with his about leaving Family…Am I right?

Meanwhile, a hiker finds a body in the woods that is disfigured. I don’t want to give too much away here. You need to be as shocked as the characters are and as I was when I first read it. Laura and Mark team up to figure out who the killer is and Mark shows some leadership skills. This could be the Deliverance part of the title.

Postal Deliverance #5



Bryan Edward Hill tells such a tight story. The tension is real. The way he cuts back and forth between Maggie and Mark’s fight with Laura and Magnus’ fight is so perfect. I am not sure if any TV company is looking at this book (they should) but if they are, they don’t need to story board because Hill has set it up for them perfectly.

Of course, Hill has Raff Ienco to create his story boards and honestly, every single panel of this book is film worthy. The big reveal I mentioned in the summary rocked me to the core. Mark clearly is on the Autism Spectrum and we know that simply by the way that Ienco draws his affect. His rage is just under the surface. He is calculating. He holds it all in his face, his eyes, his body language. It is masterful. It contrasts so perfectly from the way that Laura, his mother, wears everything on her face every time.

Postal Deliverance #5


Postal Deliverance #5 has been the best issue of the series to date. It seems strange to say there is a lot of standing around and talking, but that is what works. The tension builds.


That final panel is amazing. I can’t believe we have to wait a month. AHHHH! So good. This is a slow burn that has the potential to go on for a long time and keep people up at night.



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