DC Comics Tops Best Selling List Again

DC Comics remains king of the comic book world with an astounding number of trade paperbacks, graphic novels and single edition books breaking the top 10 of the Diamond Comic Distribution List for best selling books of 2019.

Detective Comics #1000 took the top spot in comic book sales for 2019 making this the second year in a row DC was #1 on the DCD; in 2018, Action Comics #1000 owned the same top spot.

Detective Comics #1000 was the corner stone of Batman’s 80th anniversary and featured 96 amazing pages of top-notch storytelling, amazing art and jaw-dropping variant covers.  Detective Comics #1000 showcased the Dark Knight and his quest to save the soul of his beloved Gotham City.

Detective Comics #1000 is a must have for any fan of Batman, DC Comics and collectors everywhere.

DC also owned the top ten list for graphic novels with five books honored including Watchmen, Mister Miracle, Batman: White Knight, Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman: Damned


Alan Moore and David Gibson’s timeless and iconic Watchmen took the #1 spot with Mister Miracle from Tom King coming in at #5, Batman: White Knight at #7, Batman: The Killing Joke at #9 and Batman: Damned raking in at #10.

DC Publisher Dan DiDio could hardly contain his excitement as he proudly proclaimed:

“These rankings demonstrate how Batman continues to be an important part of our publishing success, in comic books, original graphic novels and collected editions.  I’m incredibly happy to see how enthusiastically fans responded to Detective Comics #1000, especially during Batman’s 80th anniversary and to be the best-selling comic book two years in a row is a fantastic achievement.”

There is no doubt that DC is the king of the comic book world.  After all, DC has always maintained a long standing excellence in writing, story, art and characters and his the cornerstone of the entire comic book industry.   Long live DC Comics! Long live the king!

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