Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Cameo connects the DCEU to The Arrowverse

by Anthony Blue
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Ezra Miller’s DCEU Barry Allen crashes the Arrow-verse in the middle of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.“Crisis on Infinite Earths” is the sixth annual Arrow-verse crossover event, featuring episodes from CW’s “Supergirl”, “Batwoman”, “The Flash”, “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow” series.

To prepare for the coming Crisis, the Monitor recruits Oliver Queen and sends him on missions to collect various items. He also retrieves the cadaver of Lex Luthor and revives him. Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen learn that the Crisis date has moved up to December 2019, and that in order to save billions, the Flash must die. To learn more about what happens to him, Barry travels to Earth-3 to see Jay Garrick and Joan Williams, who have been tracking anti-matter signatures across the multiverse. They send Barry’s mind forward in time, causing him to see billions of timelines where the multiverse is destroyed and the one where he dies saving it.

Meanwhile, on one of his missions, Oliver witnesses the destruction of Earth-2 from an anti-matter wave. Back in Star City, William Clayton, Connor Hawke, and Mia Smoak mysteriously time travel from 2040 to the present while Oliver and John Diggle learn that Lyla Michaels has been working with the Monitor. Minutes before the Crisis begins, Nash Wells is sucked into a chamber under Central City after being promised a new life. At the start of Crisis, red skies loom over Central City and Lian Yu, where Lyla comes to collect Oliver and Mia. She tells them she is now a “Harbinger of things to come”.

On another Earth, the skies turn red over Freeland, causing Jennifer Pierce’s powers to adversely react and tear her between her Earth and those of two of her counterparts. As the Pierce family and Peter Gambi try to bring her back, the anti-matter wave overtakes them but Jefferson Pierce is teleported away.

The short cameo occurred during Tuesday’s episode of Arrow, bringing Miller (in full costume) into S.T.A.R Labs and into conversation with Gustin’s world on The CW.


Now, here is the clip courtesy of We Got This Covered:

“Is this cosplay? Do you want a selfie, bro?” Ezra/Barry asked Grant/Barry.

“This shouldn’t be possible now,” said Grant/Barry. And then Ezra/Barry begins to fade away.


This is the first time a DCEU film character has appeared on CW. With the crossovers numerous inclusions of alternate versions of Superman, Batman and others played by their classic actors, sets a unique tone for the future of the DC Universe on the small and big screens.

Miller began his tenure in the DCEU in 2017’s blockbuster, Justice League and has a solo film, The Flash movie scheduled for a July 1, 2022 release date by Warner Bros and will be based loosely on The Flashpoint storyline Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. The film will be directed by “IT’s” Andy Muschietti.

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