Review: Batman/Superman #6

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Batman/Superman #6 BCOTWK

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: David Marquez

Letters: John Hill

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




” Who have the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight been lying to lately?” – An infected Jim Gordon

Batman/Superman #6 – The Batman Who Laughs (TBWL) is ever present in his handiwork in this issue as Batman and Superman have to face the third leg of the Trinity – Wonder Woman and confess that they had TBWL in a prison underneath the Hall of Justice.  She’s not pleased with the secrets. 

She is definitely not pleased with that an Amazon, Donna Troy, is infected. The boys have to contend with their decisions, and their sister in arms is not pleased. 

And while it appears that a new cross roads has been navigated, we find that two more pieces have entered into game play….General Zod and Ra’s Al Ghul.  The Lazarus Pits are going to boil now!!!



Joshua Williamson provides more than just a moral cross roads for both Clark and Bruce.  I appreciate the fact that he has done his research and is paying homage to the fact that Clark has revealed himself to the world as Superman.  

The continuity in the universe and the collaboration between all authors is imperative as the Year of the Villain has not disappointed.  

The lecture that Diana provides when Bruce and Clark have to visit her to reveal their transgressions in keeping secrets is perfect.  She is the moral balance and while we think of Clark as wholesome and good and Bruce as the darker side of the coin, Diana is the one who is pure!

Her reminder of the Lasso of Truth and how that can be administered is like that of a mother reminding her kids of what she can do with a belt, switch or well placed spatula on their behinds!


Positives 2.0

Williamson’s writing is strong and his work needs to be accompanied by James Tynion IV’s recent work on Year of the Villain:  Hell Arisen #2.  These works need to be read in concert as both issues are pertinent in this storyline and Gordon’s role now has created even more layers to The Batman Who Laugh’s infection.

Also, if you want to see Kara, Deathbringer (Donna Troy), Scarab (Blue Beetle), King Shazam, and Sky Tyrant (Hawkman), you’ll need Tynion IV’s companion comic!




This story has a LOT of moving parts.  And you have to be financially able to get all the issues as each character among the Sinister Six is worthy of his or her story being told along with the World’s Finest here in this forum.  Buyer beware but also buyer enjoy as all the issues surrounding this story have been pertinent and are not fluff!




Batman/Superman #6 – Communication is the theme of this issue.  Secrets never really help on any level.  And Joshua Williamson does a great job of taking Batman and Superman to a level of realization that they are accountable to others…especially to Diana!  This issue is a turning point and a story that should be devoured simultaneously with Year of the Villain:  Hell Arisen.  There is more to those meal visits to Gordon than meets the eye!  

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