Arkham Knight Receiving Earth-2 Batman Skin on PS4

by Anthony Blue
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Rocksteady has made good on their promise for a new skin for Batman: Arkham Knight. Earth-2 Batman is on the move!

Originally released in 2015, Arkham Knight is still popular with fans. And Rocksteady is still supporting the game. You’ll be able the Earth-2 Batman skin from the Playstation store on January 28th.

It is still unknown whether or not its coming to PS4 or PC.

Earth-2 Batman

Thomas Wayne

Flashpoint Timeline Batman

This version of Earth-2 Batman resembles Thomas Wayne from the Flashpoint timeline. In this timeline, robber Joe Chill kills young Bruce Wayne rather than his parents. As a result Thomas Wayne took up the mantle of Batman, but unlike his son he is far more ruthless with his actions as he has no problem killing any criminal who gets in his way. Thomas tracked down Chill and was going to poison him but decided to beat him to death with his bare hands. Martha Wayne is so traumatized by the event she cuts her face into a devilish grin and becomes the altered timeline’s Joker.

Batman started working with Catwoman, a young thief he once spared and grew attached to like a father figure, leading him to abandon his violent ways. She was however shot by Martha through the gut and paralyzed, making him relapse into his old ways again.Martha kidnaps the twin children of Judge Dent. When he tracks down one of her partners in crime Yo-Yo, he interrogates her to find his wife’s location, but when she refuses to cooperate, he throws her off the building.

Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight Synopsis

Arkham Knight’s main story follows Scarecrow, the Arkham Knight, and Deathstroke, who have made an alliance on Halloween night, and plan to drown Gotham City in fear toxin and unmask Batman. The game has received universal acclaim but was criticized for the extensive use of the Batmobile combat segments.

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