Diamond To Resume Distribution

Amidst the chaos surrounding social distancing, essential business guidelines and self quarantining there seems to be a bright spot.

The comic book world has been in total turmoil with locally owned retailers feeling the pain of being closed due to no new deliveries and the major companies looking towards digital distribution of new books. There is no doubt that the pressure is on.

Today, Diamond Comics Distributors announced that they are looking to resume distribution of comics and collectibles by late May.

Diamond Comics

Geppi Family Enterprises, owners of DCD, sent out a letter to the publishers and retailers outlining their return to business plan:

“While there are many steps and conversations that need to happen between today and resuming distribution for new weekly product, we are currently targeting mid-to-late May with the hope that, as an industry, we can all work toward that timeframe.  Of course, as we have all seen, target dates sometimes need to be adjusted in this ever-changing new-normal.  But we cannot wait for firm dates.  We have stared the planning process and are having these important conversations with publishers and retailers so that once we have more clarity, we are in a position to restart and scale operations over time.”

The letter from Geppi Family Enterprises went on to state:

“With health and safety of employees, retailers and customers a top priority, we need to be deliberate and bout we restart and scale operations.  We must find that delicate balance between managing health and safety concerns, meeting the pent p demand for product and working with retailers whose situation differ, and whose need for product may have changed.”

Despite releasing a comprehensive plan to resume distribution there is no information outlining if Diamond will pick up with its current release slate or just deliver back issues to stores.  The other question is: how many stores are willing to reopen in order to resume business in these confusing times?

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