Review: Harley Quinn #72

by Tony Farina
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Review: Harley Quinn #72

Harley Quinn #72


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Abel

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Dave Sharpe


Reviewer: Tony Farina 


Some mysteries just don’t want to be solved! As Harley digs deeper into the death of her friend, it becomes clear that there are forces in Los Angeles that don’t want her this close to the truth. Will Harley be broken by the City of Angels, or will she be able to avenge her friend’s death? And will she be able to convince Booster Gold that he is not her crime-fighting partner and never will be?

Harley Quinn #72



There is a new artist in town for Harley Quinn #72 and that person is so amazing, only one name is necessary. Abel has arrived on the scene and this is a feast for the eyes. Of course, with Hi-fi doing the colors, things are always going to pop off the page, but there is something so perfect about this new artist. First, let’s start with Booster. His new suit is aces. The glasses instead of goggles is a great look. It all seems just perfect. Harley’s “new boots” are also fantastic. The whole world looks lived in, but not dirty. I think it brings much needed sense of realism. Sure, Booster can fly with his future tech, and Harley is, well, Harley, but they are both just people. This story, expertly written by Sam Humphries, is really getting good now and the switch to Abel helps ground it all. Plus, the wrestling scenes are hysterical and so well done. Take your time on those pages dear readers.

Harley Quinn #72



This issue is such a step up from last issue, because there is such a focus on the plot. The only downside to this is some of the bits go on a bit too long between Booster and Harley. Also, I don’t really care if they decide to get together or not. Not every team up with opposite gendered straight people has to end with kisses does it? It is a nit, not a huge problem, so I will move on.


Harley Quinn #72 puts the series on a serious upswing. This newly reformed, trying to do good, not sure how, drinking Jack Daniels for breakfast Harley Quinn is so fun. Sam Humphries is an excellent writer and has a knack for writing women who are believable. Not all men can do it and when they swing and miss, it is epic. Sam was great with Jessica Cruz and it was his writing that made her my favorite Green Lantern. He could just turn Harley into my favorite Anit-Hero.



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