Review: Metal Men #6

by Tony Farina
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Review: Metal Men #6

Metal Men #6


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Dido

Artist: Shane Davis

Colorist: Jason Wright

Letterer: Travis Lanham


Reviewer: Tony Farina



After Platinum finds out that she is based on a real woman Magnus used to know in college, she sneaks away to search for her human counterpart, and learns the twisted reason for why she “loves” Magnus so much. Meanwhile, back at Magnus Mountain, Nth Metal Man seems to have some bigger plans of his own with someone else from the Dark Multiverse…

Metal Men #6


HOLY CRAP! Metal Men #6 has an alternate cover by George Fing Perez! So, no matter what else happens in this issue, that is a thing. There is a panel in the middle of this book during the interlude where the editor writes at the bottom, “Please feel free to add your own mind blowing sound effect. Me, I’m just going to enjoy the art.” Not only is that super clever and funny, but it is spot on true. Most of Shane Davis’ brilliance comes through in Metal Men #6 though his excellent facial expressions. This is Tina’s story and she has angst. The angst is obvious. Even if you didn’t see any of Dido’s words written by Travis Lanham, you would understand the entire story through Davis’ artistic skills. However, this interlude, with a giant explosion and then, that panel is so damn impressive. I will not spoil here what you will see there, but suffice to say, it is amazing.


Nothing really happens in Metal Men #6. Other than that big interlude, this is a walking and talking book. I am a fan of walking and talking books, movies, comics. I mean, the best part of Detective Comics, is Bruce sitting in the cave, so there is nothing wrong with that. However, I can see where some folks would feel off put here. Sometimes, a 12 issue maxi-series is too long because filler is required. I am not sure if this issue qualifies as total filler, but it isn’t going to be a huge favorite for folks who want to see metal men in action.


Metal Men #6 is perfectly placed in the order of this series. It moves the story along and sets readers up pretty perfectly for the final half of the arc. If you are reading these as they go, or if you just picked this up, you are in for a pretty interesting ride. Sure, this issue may not be action packed, but the writing, by one of the greats of all time, is on point in what is likely his final DC run ever. If nothing else, you should pick it up for that reason.


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