Image Comics Review: Reaver #8

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Reaver #8


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artist: Niko Henrichon

Letters: Clayton Cowles  


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“I am thinking this is a fight I do not intend to fight ” – Rekala, a Skin Eater

Breaker and Rekala are on the verge of finding out what’s happened to the lost children of Haas Haaden, but the truth is far worse than they could have ever dreamed.


In the fictional land of Madaras. Reaver #1 – #6  provided  the tale of Hell’s half dozen, a motley crew of Imperial prisoners who were part Game of Thrones Suicide Squad. 

The “Hell’s Half Dozen” story arc came to a violent close in issue six, and eliminating the half-dozen moniker.

Issue #7 continued the story of Essen Breaker, a hulking killer whose left the mainland and returned to Haas Haaden, a “city on the edge of the world”.

Not much is known about “The Breaker’s” past before his violent mission to the Anvil with Hell’s Half Dozen. It was revealed that Essen has a past with this town and with these people. Breaker is trying to salvage his reputation by  saving the children of this town. 

Reaver #8 pairs  Rekala, a Skineater with Essen Breaker’s former teammate. Arguably, Rekala is the Harley Quinn of this series and is the wildcard that makes this new duo adventure work.  Part two of the five part arc “The Grim After” is action packed.  In fact, Rekala is down right scary!

Justin Jordon creates a great chemistry between the chaotic and banshee-like Rekala and Essen Breaker (also known as The Devil’s Son).

 Jordan moves the story along with interesting dialogue and alongside artist Niko Henrichon’s designs are building a fantasy landscape in the comics that is unique.


This is a solid comic, but I am afraid that with the demise of members of the half-dozen, and the pace of this portion of the story arc, this series may not last very long.

There is no ancient queen like Amanda Waller threatening to blow these characters up.  But the hard life of just surviving in Madaras is akin to living in Gotham City.  

Blood – when Rekala is around, there is no shortage of it.  This is not a comic for the squeamish, so if you like your fries with ketchup, you’ll get it here!



If you are a Suicide Squad fan and like your action akin to Michael Crichton’s TimeLine world, then Reaver #8 is your book! While there are many that would appreciate the Devil’s son being the main protagonist, I am a huge Rekala fan….don’t judge…just enjoy!


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