Harley Quinn: Make Em’ Laugh arrives on Digital First

by David Rasmussen
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The following is sourced from https://comicbook.com/comics/newes/harley-quinn-therapist-make-em-laugh-dc-digital-first/


So it has only been so long since Harley Quinn #75 has gone up for pre-order sales, however that is not to say that Harley has been sidelined. With her being a secondary in the adjectiveless Batman title (during The Joker War), being in the Suicide Squad present title, and potentially appearing in any future Birds of Prey and no doubt Gotham City Sirens  comics (what with the movie presently in pre development), Harley is rather busy even without a core title.



With that said, as of June 3rd 2020, Harley Quinn joins the ranks of DC’s Digital First comics, with a new 17 page a week pop entitled Harley Quinn: Make ’em Laugh. So what do we know of the title? Let’s refer to the article above and see what writer Nicole Drum has to say.


Nicole Drum

“A girl’s got to make a living and for fan-favorite DC Comics character Harley Quinn, that means a return to her professional career as a therapist as just one of her side hustles in the new Digital First series Harley Quinn: Make ’em Laugh debuting on Tuesday, June 2nd.”


Fair enough. If you are like me , however, and you read Harley Quinn from the New 52 Era to now? You know that Conner  Palmiotti  returned  Harley to her therapist roots way back at the start of said New 52 title. The only difference being that Harley was the therapist for the elderly as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, while here she is simply Harley Quinn: Therapist For Evil.


The main hook, and difference between now and the New 52 Era Harley therapist, is that Harley does not have to become Harleen Quinzel to do therapy. The gimmick of the title is its all Harley Quinn, dispensing therapy to the villains of the DC Universe.


So the description of the new series is as thus, from Nicole Drum’s own words (paraphrased by me). Harley Quinn, everyone’s favorite anti-villain (a very important distinction since the title has forgotten that Harley has not been a villain for several years now), is now providing therapy to the DC Universe.. Well, to be fair I woulld say the Batverse but who knows. Anyway besides this Harley also finds herself tackling a variety of plot focused odd jobs. Each one providing opportunity to get in touch with various villains. Like in Issue #1 where she consults for the Gotham Art Museum. As such it is implied Harley will tackle various odd jobs throughout the series run, each one ultimately relating in some way to the story and the villain she consults with in that issue.


So what are we looking at in terms of the first issue? Presently the first two issues have info out on them as to what they hold, so we can look into the descriptions of both, and see what the comic has in store for us in its first two weeks out.



Issue #1 (available now) “It’s hard out there for a freelancer! Looking to make some quick cash, Harley takes on odd jobs in her many wheelhouses — therapizing bad guys, tracking down stolen art from the Gotham Art Museum… but when it turns out the thief has his own mental baggage to unpack, Harley’s got a real Thinker on her hands!”


Issue #2 (June 10th 2020) “Story 1 – Poison Ivy’s throwing a housewarming party, and Harley’s got to find her bff the ultimate gift. It has to be something special… something rare… and deadly would be a plus! Can Harley and her animal pals find Pammy the perfect present before everyone gets arrested?”


“Story 2 – Harley Quinn delivers some long-awaited justice on behalf of a woman who’s been wrongfully imprisoned, but with a Harley twist. And by twist, we mean mallet.”


So the title is now out, with Issue #2 available for pre-order. It is available as part of DC’s Digital First line, and sold through Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, ReadDC.com and other digital platforms for $0.99 each issue.


NOTE – If you buy it through Amazon, either digitally through its site, the Amazon App, or the Amazon Kindle app store, you automatically unlock it for ComiXology as well. Since Amazon owns ComiXology, any comics brought through their site can be automatically added to ComiXology (if you linked your Amazon account to the ComiXology app).

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