Michael Keaton may be returning as The Batman

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This is big news and at this stage nothing is confirmed but reports are surfacing that Michael Keaton is in talks to return as The Batman. Several sources are now reporting that Michael Keaton is in early stage talks with DC / Warner Bros to reprise the role of Wayne / Batman in the The Flash solo film that will star Ezra Miller. If it is true we don’t know how fundamental the role will be to the story, but you would imagine The Flash will be in and out of the speed force to meet with Wayne. We first saw Miller’s Flash in Batman v Superman where he used the speed force to come back to the present day warning Wayne that trouble was coming and Louis Lane was critical in the quest to battling Superman.

Michael Keaton DC Comics News
1989 Batman.

The Flash is going to be directed by Andy Muschietti and at this stage it is only speculation that if Keaton is linked to the project then there has to be a link back to the world that Burton had created with his two Batman films (I loved those by the way).

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For years fans have wanted Keaton to return as an older Bruce Wayne either in a Batman Beyond style film but if Warner Bros and DC can give us a Flashpoint inspired story with Barry going back in time to partner with Keaton’s Wayne persona, then that would be something that fans around the world would welcome with open arms.

There is plenty for DC fans to look forward to over the next few years so please comment below and let us know what you think. Make sure you return to our site for the latest DC Universe News.


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