It appears that DC is taking a week off from releasing any new, single-issue comics for the week of June 30th (or July 1st for the rest of the comics industry).

Back in May, DC announced their June release schedule, and among that was a small release week at the end of June, with only seven books. It is typically the case, when the month has five release weeks, for the fifth week to be light. This is where we tend to see annuals or one-shots make their appearance. But not this month.

I did some digging and discovered that all of them, according to Previews World and Comics Nexus, are now slated for July 8, 2020 (except for Event Leviathan: Checkmate #2, which is slated for July 22nd). Below is the list of books that were originally slated to be released, with a link to their pages on Previews World and Comics Nexus.

**UPDATEEvent Leviathan: Checkmate has been postponed indefinitely**


Tuesday, June 30:

New Comic Books:

Batman: The Adventures Continue #2

DC Classics: The Batman Adventures #2

DCeased: Dead Planet #1

Event Leviathan: Checkmate #2

Harley Quinn #74

Justice League #48

Lois Lane #12 (series finale)


This is a strange situation, as things have be shifted around quite a bit due to the recent shutdown that took place throughout the comics industry, as well as all of the back and forth turmoil between DC Comics and Diamond Comics Distributors. I feel like something like this was bound to happen.

However, not all is lost, as DC’s recent Digital First program is still up and running, providing those looking for something to read, an opportunity to find just that. New series Titans: Titans Together, From Beyond the Unknown, Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Inc. and Ghosts all continue with their second issues, giving fans even more choice of characters while expanding DC’s digital publishing line with original stories. And watch DC’s digital space next week for new chapters of DCeased: Hope at World’s End on Tuesday June 30, Batman: The Adventures Continue on Thursday July 2, and Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red on Friday July 3!

And speaking of Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red, the first chapter is now available, so be sure to check that one out.


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