Review: Metal Men #8

by Tony Farina
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Review: Metal Men #8

Metal Men #8


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Dido

Artist: Shane Davis

Colorist: Jason Wright

Letterer: Travis Lanham


Reviewer: Tony Farina


With the new Animal Gas Gang united under Magnus, the Metal Men are eager to see what their freedoms bring- but at an amusement park they quickly learn that life is a disappointing roller coaster ride. Meanwhile, back in New York City, Chemo wreaks havoc in Times Square, and when Magnus’s animals fail to save the city, the Metal Men must decide whether they want to return to Magnus’ side-or not!

Metal Men #8



Shane Davis’ magnificent work on Metal Men #8 can never be undersold. Just look at the detail below. There is a metal cat licking it’s metal leg and it looks totally reasonable.  I mean, take a look at the snake coils and the detail on the wings of the birds. It is so good. I want to find everything he has ever done just so I can flip through the pages.

Dan Dido. Sir. What are you doing? Huh? You left us just when you gave us this book that DC comics needed. Damn. Where to begin? What is the purpose of any of us? Do we know? Should we know? Why do we take the actions we take? Dido asks these questions of us in each and every issue, but in Metal Men #8, he has our heroes, both metal and gas, both man and animal, think these questions aloud.  It is a lot to consider, but he leaves us in a good spot to chew on it for a month.


The only real issue with this issue is that The action sequence. It is beautifully done but I do not believe the smartest man in the world would fall for that nonsense.  It just did not work.  Of course, it is a set up for that last page, which is excellent.


I honestly have never cared about the Metal Men as characters before this series, but now that this exists and there are bears wearing hats and me questioning my humanity, I wonder how Metal Men could ever be made again without Dido and Davis. OK. The bear in the hat thing is not that big of a deal in comparison to the whole questioning what it means to be human thing, but seriously, it is just so fun to see. Who knew I needed to see that? I didn’t? Shane Davis knew. Thanks Shane. I appreciate it.


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