SDCC2020: McFarlane Toys Reveals New DC Multiverse Figures

by Joshua Raynor
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McFarlane Toys has unveiled some of their upcoming figures for the DC Multiverse line at SDCC’s Comic-Con@Home, and there’s definitely a lot to see. It all starts with the Dark Nights: Metal figures that were released earlier this month. Now they’re adding a The Merciless Build-A-Figure wave, Flashpoint Batman, Arkham Batman and Deathstroke, several multipacks, and a bunch of figures from the Teen Titans animated series and comic books.

First off, you can expect all of these figures to arrive in the fall/winter of 2020, and when they do arrive, odds are you’ll find them at Walmart. Walmart has been McFarlane’s go to choice for DC Multiverse exclusives lately. They also chose Walmart to launch their new RAW10 robot monster line.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the upcoming DC Multiverse figures along with an official description.


Build-A-Figure Wave

DC Multiverse (75)

The latest DC Multiverse Build-A-Figure wave is coming. Collect the Robin Earth -22 figure from the Dark Nights: Metal comic book series, Superman (The Infected), Batman from Dark Nights: Metal, and The Batman Who Laughs with Sky Tyrant Wings to assemble The Merciless from Dark Nights: Metal! Robin Earth -22 features assorted heads sculpted with 3 unique expressions. Find all 3 to build your own army! Coming Fall 2020.


Dark Nights: Metal

DC Multiverse (73)

The whole gang is here! Pick up all of the Dark Knights, including an amazing The Batman Who Laughs and Earth -22 Robins

Teen Titans, Rebirth, Batman: Curse of the White Knight

DC Multiverse (74)

Keep your eyes open – another wave is coming out Fall 2020. Look out for Cyborg from the Teen Titans animated series, The Flash and The Joker based on the DC Rebirth comic books, and Azrael in Batman Armor figure based on the hit comic book series, BATMAN: CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT.


Flashpoint Batman


The Bat-Signal has been turned ON. Here’s your sneak peek of Batman Flashpoint, coming out in Winter 2020.


Arkham Figures


“Looks like you got my invitation. It’s just you and me now.”

Batman from Batman: Arkham Knight and Deathstroke from Batman: Arkham Origins coming Fall 2020.


Multipack Figures


They’re also releasing 2 multipacks!  Coming out this fall is Nightwing vs. Red Hood and Batman Earth -52 vs. The Flash.

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