First Look | BATMAN #99 Part Five of “The Joker War”

by JC Alvarez
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It’s all coming down to the wire! BATMAN #99 is bringing us closer to the climactic end of “The Joker War” and as both sides find themselves holding their cards close, there can only be one clear winner in this final gamble…and the Joker is wild!

The Joker has always promised, he’d burn it all down if he could! If his latest assault on Gotham City has proven anything, his brand of chaos is without bounds. “The Joker War” has revealed the worst that The Clown of Prince of Crime has in him, in his quest to destroy his greatest enemy and everything that the Caped Crusader stands for, but has Joker underestimated the Batman? In Batman #99 the fifth chapter in the current blockbuster arc “The Joker War” is coming closer to its resounding finale and all the king’s men are getting in on the action…

Here’s a “first look” inside Batman #99:

Batman #99 is written by James Tynion IV with art by Jorge Jimenez and hits retail markets on Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020, for $3.99.

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