Dark Nights: Death Metal Expands With Three More One-Shots In December

by Brad Filicky
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The rampaging success that is Death Metal can’t be stopped. Fans can’t get enough and DC is delivering with 3 more one shots in December!

First we have December 1’s Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Secret Origin #1 from writers Scott Snyder and Geoff Johns and artist Ryan Benjamin delves into the background of the Darkest Night, with a focus on Superboy.

“The DCU’s darkest secrets are explored while two titans clash!” reads DC’s description of the one-shot. “The heroes search for a way to defeat the Darkest Knight through the universe’s past, while Superboy Prime faces down the demonic Batman!”


December 8’s Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe is an anthology one-shot by a host of artists and writers, shows DC’s heroes preparing for the final fight with the Batman Who Laughs/the Darkest Night, as they reminisce and come to grips with what could be their final night in existence.

“The last battle against the Batman Who Laughs is at hand…the final fight for everything in the universe. And while the night is usually darkest just before the dawn, what would be the last thing you’d do if you weren’t sure the dawn would ever arrive?” reads DC’s solicitation for Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe.

“Join our heroes in their waning hours as we show their journeys through what could be their final moments…heroes that have fought a million times before, but are keenly aware this could be their endgame. These are the stolen moments detailing the last stories of the DC Universe.”
December 29’s Death Metal: The Last 52: War of the Multiverses #1 is another anthology one-shot that brings together a handful of writers and artists. It unites every survivor of the Multiverse to take on the Batman Who Laughs. with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman leading three different factions, struggling to unite.

“What would it take to get every being left in the Multiverse to side together in the ultimate, final showdown? Total decimation and the complete undoing of all existence? The Batman Who Laughs has made his final move, bringing the most horrifying opposition to the battleground, and now every hero and villain left alive will stand and fight together. This epic battle book details every side of the last war across the Multiverse—Wonder Woman leading the heroes, Superman leading the villains, and Batman leading the dead—everyone has to play their part. Everyone and everything is at stake…so join here for the last of the DCU as we know it!”

Are you ready for more Metal this holiday season?

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