Review: Aquaman #64
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art: Miguel Mendonca 

Colors: Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd


It’s Arthur and Orm face-to-face as the Throne of Atlantis once again hangs in the balance!  Classic or overdone?


Political intrigue has long been a hallmark of Aquaman’s mythos.  At times he been a content King of Atlantis and at other times reluctant or altogether absentee. It fits the character and it seems like the majority of DeConnick’s run has been a sideways step, rather wasted except for Caille and the development of Jackson Hyde.  Couldn’t we have gotten here much sooner without all that trip-trap?  

Arthur comes across more like himself in Aquaman #64 than ever in this run as he baits Orm into showing his true colors.  More on that in a moment….  There is some real tension in the showdown between Orm (Ocean Master) and his half-brother- Arthur Curry (Aquaman.)   Dolphin, who so far has been on Orm’s side finally seems to see what Ocean Master is really like.  The same can be said for Lernaea who was Orm’s agent in the kidnapping of Andy.

The art is solid by Mendonca and Fajardo, Jr.  While Robson Rocha has handled the bulk of DeConnick’s run, Mendonca is certainly on equal footing.  Fajardo, Jr has been on many of the issues and keeps that underwater appearance in tact.


If there’s a negative in this issue, and in these most recent events, it’s that Orm has proven to still be a true villain.  In Mera, Queen of Atlantis, Orm went through a complete character arc.  It’s a shame that DeConnick, instead of playing off this decided to revert him back to his unrepentant nature.  Though it’s a classic portrayal, it is a step backward for the character.  

While the political intrigue angle is something that fits with Aquaman, it can be overdone at times.  One does want to see Arthur find his happy place and stay there.

While Arthur’s hair and beard is a bit shorter this issue, we are still in need of the full shave!  He almost doesn’t look like a reject from a Barbarian movie.


With Aquaman #64, we’ve almost come full circle from where we were at way back when in Aquaman #24.  It’s been a long detour, but Aquaman has nearly shaken off the Jason Momoa influence.  DeConnick shows that she’s got some classic Aquaman in her with this issue and it feels right.  The larger cast will clearly play a role in upcoming issues as Vulko and Cetea appear to come to a detente. 


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