Review: Future State: Green Lantern #1

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Future State: Green Lantern #1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Geoffrey Thorne, Ernie Altbacker, and Ryan Cady

Artists: Sami Barsi, Clayton Henry, and Tom Raney

Colorists: Mike Atiyeh, Marcelo Maiolo, and Hi-Fi

Letters: Dave Sharpe, Andworld Design, and Steve Wands


Review By: Kendra Hale



Future State: Green Lantern #1 has hit shelves, along with several other first issues from the Future State story line.  To say there is talent brought on for this issue of three stories is a serious understatement of who is on the series. We get many familiar names and faces, showcasing characters in new lights and forms, dealing with the unimaginable for a Green Lantern in any dimension. The 48-page issue breaks down to three stories featuring vastly different scenarios.  

“Last Lanterns” features John Stewart striving to prove that, at the heart of the Lanterns, their brilliant light still burns strong. Even with their battery gone, the Lanterns are ironclad in their desire to do what’s right. John and the last remaining Lanterns are trying to help save a planet from the onslaught of a religious cult known as The God In Red. 

Plus, in  “The Taking Of Sector 0123”, we get to see Jessica Cruz taking on Sinestro Corp Lanterns who have come to her sector, joining her aboard her space station, in order to pick up where the Green Lanterns left off and take over. Facing off against three fully charged Lanterns, Jessica is met with an interesting proposal as she stands her ground.  

And last, but certainly not least, in “The Book Of Guy”, we get the chance to follow Guy Gardner as he attempts to quell a bloodbath between two opposing sides on the planet of Rerlin. The saga follows what happens when his ring goes offline, and how he deals with being stranded on this planet. 

Future State: Green Lantern #1
Future State: Green Lantern #1


The artwork and stories in Future State: Green Lantern #1 are enthralling and intriguing. The concept of how the Green Lantern Corps would move forward and adapt to the fact that their battery is gone and their rings are just that, is mind blowing to watch unfold.  It catches attention because each Lantern obviously attacks this new event differently and each has their own merit. 

Guy Gardner’s story is actually my favorite of the three. It gives off Dr. Seuss vibes that echo The Butter Battle Book as he tries to bring peace to the races he is now essentially stranded with.   I love watching his journey as it unfolds with him having to learn the language and culture, while genuinely trying to help the people of the planet Rerlin. He could have despaired at being lost and unable to communicate, but instead he pushed forward.

Brava to the might of the Lantern Corps. This book really showcases all that they stand for. 


The only negative I have for the read is that in the beginning I struggled to understand what was going on and what the concept was. That, and I wanted to know just what happened to the battery to have an entire corps without power.  Honestly, I believe that this could have been solved simply by changing up the story order, and having John Stewart and Guy Gardner’s stories switched. Guy’s story really spells out what happened in a way that John’s just trusts the reader to understand what is going on. 

Nothing is wrong with trusting the intelligence of your audience, in fact it is something I personally love.  When it comes to new readers who may be picking up the book however.  Guy’s story helps lead in to what is going on with the Lanterns a bit better than “Last Lanterns” does.  Of course both are wonderful stories and I enjoyed them. But when it comes to easing in a reader into what is happening and why it is important, I lean more towards “Book Of Guy” being the one that spells it out a bit easier. 


I enjoyed the talent and the concept of Future State: Green Lantern #1. I eagerly await the next book to see what happens. 



Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment. 



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