“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” Designer: More Sequels Wanted!

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League is on the horizon, but this four-hour epic may only be the beginning.

Days before the film debuts in theaters and on HBOMax, production designer Patrick Tatapolous points to various subplots. Subplots that could hold the key to future stories if the performance justifies such a decision by Warners Media.

Zack Snyder’s Vision Beyond The Snyder Cut

He enthusiastically explains, “I mean [the] Anti-Life Equation, that moment is where you get to the next level. The next world is a much bigger world. What Zack had done [in his office] he had gigantic boards on the wall where he’s starting to draft the three movies like this. And I thought that was unbelievable. I went and visited that thing, and it was basically [the] hints of what’s coming next. It’s like the Knightmare. Batman’s Knightmare.  All those things that you plant seeds with a much bigger plan. So this was drafted. [We] are defining what the future is by simply planting the seeds of something that can grow.”

The Knightmare that Tatapolous refers to is the vision that Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) experienced in 2016’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The sequence saw Batman leading a human rebellion on a dystopian world conquered by Darkseid. What’s worse is that Superman had become Darkseid’s trusted disciple, ruling like a God. And, just when Bruce thought he’d awoken, a vision of The Flash had appeared from the future – “too soon” according to Flash himself – foretelling that he was right in his suspicions about “him.” Flash then vanished but not before stressing to Bruce that Lois Lane was “the key” and that he had to find them. This only fueled his paranoia against Superman in the film, but ultimately what motivates him to unite the Justice League in this film to atone for his misguided actions. It is also guided by the sense that it was not a dream, and correctly deducing that something was coming. That something, of course, was Darkseid

Tatapolous noted how initial production of the film saw Snyder brainstorming possible future projects with the film’s cast. To demonstrate this level of forethought, he describes the design of Batman’s trademark mobile weapon, The Batmobile. “The Batmobile, when you first see it, [it is] the Batmobile. It’s got his own aesthetic. But there is tons of stuff in there that [will not] be revealed in the first movie. They won’t be revealed in the second one. There may be a reveal in a third one. But it’s already there, because for example, the way it’s designed, it’s a folded origami car. Meaning the way it falls, they way it changes are all those things we can play in the future. So we do create that way officially on a franchise like this when the movie is calling for more sequels. You’ve got to think that way.”

Don’t miss Zack Snyder’s Justice League on Thursday March 18th in theaters and on HBOMax.

Official Source: Justice League Production Designer Says Justice League Is ‘Calling For More Sequels’ And They Planted Seeds For More Stories – CINEMABLEND

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