Review: Catwoman #29

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #29

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V.

Artist:  Fernando Blanco

Letters:  Tom Napolitano

Colors: Jordie Bellaire


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“I kill and I make alive; I wound and I heal: And there is none that can deliver you out of my hand.  Deuteronomy 32:39.” – Father Valley.

Catwoman #29 – So far, Selina Kyle’s ambitious plan to gain control of Alleytown has been going purrfectly, but she’s about to run headlong into a brand-new foe…and pass right through them?
Riddle us this, Catwoman! What do the Khadym mob, a non-corporeal assassin, and Poison Ivy have in common?
And when it comes to solving riddles, there’s only one person Selina can go to—no matter how much she hates the idea.


First of all, praise to Joelle Jones and Laura Allred on the cover art they consistently provide to Catwoman.  Jones is on her own level with Yara Flor, but she got the Catwoman book on the right  tracks with spectacular art and a solid story line.

Fernando Blanco continues to transport us between rooftop pools to desolate cityscapes to night time mysteries.  He draws a beautiful and powerful Selina!

Given the myriad of characters Blanco now gets to flex with, the reader gets to drink in his interpretations of older Rogue’s Gallery foes and new entries provided by the pen of Ram V.


Positives 2.0

Ram V’s pen is on fire in the Catwoman universe.  This year away from Bruce is providing Selina a rich story line under Ram V.  He continues to trickle out Father Valley. 

Again, Father Valley quotes scripture for his own benefit, but is the uber cat in this “Cat and Mouse” game.  To introduce the Riddler at this point in the story line is brilliant as he is both depicted with his own mental issues, but also an addict….he’s as dangerous and desperate as he has ever been.

Dangling Ivy (no pun intended) at the beginning of the story adds even more richness to what Selina is going through as she has the cops against her as well as fellow rogues.  She’s on an island without her Batraft!

Finally,   the “asset”…the “Wight Witch” (I am not digging the Elmer Fudd title) has the powers of Ghost from the Ant-man and Wasp movie.  She’s perfect for another layer of villainy as there appears to be a master mind behind this entire scheme that Ram V is not wanting us to know about yet!


None here  as Ram V is dripping in just the right amount of various characters to deliver what appears to be a very layered story!


Ram V keeps delivering with a solid story line.  Blanco and Bellaire are painting a world that is every bit as dark as the villains it holds.  But that purple haze is Catwoman setting things right.  I continue to be a Father Valley fan, but that Wight Witch is going to be something to contend with!  Add in the Riddler and Poison Ivy…this is quite the story!   


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