Review: Nightwing #78

by Tony Farina
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Review: Nightwing #78

Nightwing #78[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Wes Abbot


Reviewer: Tony Farina


Nightwing is back—and his drive to keep Blüdhaven safe has never been stronger! But his adopted city has elected a new mayor with the last name Zucco. When Nightwing enlists Batgirl’s help in investigating the politician bearing the same name as the man who murdered his parents, she unearths details that will shock and fundamentally change the hero. The New York Times bestselling team of writer Tom Taylor (DCeased, Injustice) and artist Bruno Redondo (Injustice, Suicide Squad) are about to take Nightwing to the next stage of his evolution as a hero!


Nightwing #78 features a new creative team and they came out throwing strikes. Let’s start with Tom Taylor. He has never been afraid of hitting us in the feels. This book left me in a puddle. I am not ashamed to admit it. This was, hands down, an emotional kick in the nose.  I refuse to spoil it here, but once people read it, they will know. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Thanks Mr. Taylor. I needed that.

Next, let us give some love to the artist of the month, Bruno Redondo. Not only is his work in the book Mary Poppins (Practically Perfect in Every Way), the cover is frame worthy. I dare you to look at that cover and choose not to buy the book. Two copies actually. One to read, one to frame. I am not worthy.  Adriano Lucas’ colors jump off the page with all the acrobatic skills of the titular star. I read it three times in a row. I am going to stop writing and go read it again.

Nightwing #78


Nightwing #78 is only bad if you hate things that amazing. If you are person who wanted this to suck, well then, you will be disappointed. If you are a person who realizes that the dream team has arrived on this book, you will be pleased.


Nightwing #78 made me cry like a newborn and that is fitting. This could have easily been Nightwing number 1. Taylor didn’t need to do that because in the new mixed up Infinite Frontier world, Alfred is still dead (sadly) and Dick Grayson is still the hero we all deserve. Just typing this gives me goosebumps. Normally, I would tell people to shy away from Bludhaven, but no longer. It is time to move in. I hear there is a reasonable landlord who will treat you well and let you pet his new puppy.



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