Your First Look | BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS #1035

by JC Alvarez
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His fortunes at a loss, the Dark Knight enters all-new territory with fearsome enemies coming out of the woodwork threatening to tear down the wreckage left in the wake of The Joker War in this “First Look” at Batman: Detective Comics #1035

It looks like the terrain is about to tear itself apart in the pages of Batman: Detective Comics #1035 as the Caped Crusader comes into contact with some of the brutal fallout from the recent violence that has gripped Gotham City! Countless casualties have taken their toll on the population after The Joker War came to its climax, and among those to rising in retaliation is Roland Worth! The eight-foot-tall, muscly menace is out for blood and he counts Batman among those to blame for the death of his daughter!

It’s clear that Batman is being framed, but who is behind the plot to turn him into Public Enemy #1? Is there a new enemy waiting in the wings ready to topple our hero’s world? Without the wealth and resources of Bruce Wayne at his disposal, Batman has to be quick on his feet if he’s going to survive this next wave of chaos!

Here is your First Look at BATMAN: Detective Comics #1035:

The issue also features the first part of a Huntress adventure, as Helena deals with a personal mystery surrounding the death of a friend. There’s much more to this murder than meets the eye and the implications of it will resonate with Huntress for a long time.

BATMAN: DETECTIVE COMICS #1035 written by Mariko Tamaki, with art by Dan Mora and Jordie Bellaire, and will be available on Tuesday, April 27!

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